The Creative Family Manifesto Book

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The Creative Family Manifesto Book will show you how to create a bond with your family through art and creativity! Jam-packed with ideas and activities, it's the perfect way to keep your family connected and make fun memories. Give this book to your family and you'll be the "CREATOR" of the best memories!

Create lasting memories with your children in large and small ways; your children will more often engage in their own creative discoveries; and your family will embrace new ways to relax, play, and grow together. With just the simple tools around you--your imagination, basic art supplies, household objects, and natural materials--you can transform your family life, and have so much more fun! This book embraces a whole new way of living that will engage your children's imagination, celebrate their achievements, and help you to express love and gratitude for each other as a family.

Spark and nurture your family's creativity--a guide for making creativity an intentional part of everyday life. When you learn to awaken your family's creativity, wonderful things will happen: you'll make meaningful connections.