Being the hostess or host can be hard, but sometimes being the guest can be even harder. Can’t find the toilet paper? Not sure what towels to use for the shower? Pet hair all over your blankets?

We’ve created a short list of tips that will allow you and your guests an easy breezy week or weekend getaway.

1. First Impressions are Key

No one wants to feel like an intruder. Anyone coming into your home should feel expected and welcome. Make sure the first thing guests see when walking through your door isn’t a cramped and cluttered storage space. Tidy up coats on coat hooks and line up loose shoes under an entryway bench. Place and light a cozy smelling candle on an entry table or shelf. Don’t forget to turn on the outside lights if your guests are arriving at night!

2. Clean & Refresh your Space

Make sure the kitchen and bathrooms are cleaned thoroughly, especially the guest bathroom. Make sure the trash is emptied and animal areas are cleaned.

Remember, just because you can’t smell it doesn’t mean there isn’t a strong odor. Wash all bedding and fluff the pillows on the beds. Candles can be your best friend or worst enemy. Don’t mix two different candle scents. Make sure to have freshly folded towels on hand ready to go.

3. Bed & Breakfast Feel

Your home should feel more like a bed & breakfast and less like a motel. Laying out extra blankets and pillows is always welcome in case your guest would like them. Open a window a crack to let some fresh air in. Set out some magazines or books in case they want to do some reading before bed or in the morning. Leave out extra toothpaste and a new toothbrush in case they forgot theirs.

Fresh flowers are always a nice addition to the atmosphere; just make sure no one is allergic to anything before purchasing.

4. Communication is Important

Make sure you’re open about what your guests are to expect coming into your daily routine. Let them know they can have the bathroom in the morning or that you normally have breakfast at 9am and they are more than welcome to join.

Also, give your guests a heads up on your schedule, especially if you have an appointment or other commitments. Letting them know what to expect helps prepare their schedule while visiting. Keep your schedule flexible in case something goes wrong with the weather or you are running late with an activity.

There is nothing worse than visiting someone and they’re more stressed about hitting deadlines than enjoying the time spend together.

December 21, 2015