A proper outdoor space transforms your ability to entertain, relax, and enjoy time outside with family and friends. Creating a place to relish the sun and fresh air while still expressing your personal style can be challenging.

Fortunately, we’ve put together a few quick and easy tips to update any area and make it the go-to spot when the weather is right.

1. Color & Texture is Always Better

An outdoor area should be bright and welcoming. Let the natural light of the sun pull vibrant colors from plants, flowers, pottery, and fabrics. The right combination will meld warm natural greens and yellows with light oranges, violets, and creams. Don’t forget to mix different textures in as well. Use outdoor jute rugs, pillows, and cushions to combine rough and smooth textures in the space.

2. Create an Intimate Setting

Lighting is key to making your outdoor space feel inviting and intimate. Use string lights, walkway lighting, or our favorite…tiki torches! You can also mix & match the height and width of outdoor lanterns with candles inside and group them in corners or on tables to really create a special space.

3. Lounging is Key

There is nothing worse than having an amazing outdoor space, but never enough room for everyone to sit. Hammocks, daybeds, love seats, and benches are all great ways to ensure you and your guests are comfortable while enjoying a fire or cocktail outside.

4. Escaping Your Daily Dinner Routine

Dining outside is all about gathering family, entertaining friends, and escaping from your typical daily dinner routine. Although, there are some rules to follow:

  • Be smart about your outdoor style by choosing easy to maintain weather resistant furniture
  • Ensure proper coverage from the sun with a large patio umbrella
  • Invest in some quality plastic outdoor dinnerware to keep clean up a breeze

5. Entertain Your Heart Out

Make things easier for yourself by having easy access to your entertainment necessities in case the neighbors suddenly drop by.

Outdoor bar areas are great, but not always practical depending on where you live or your space constraints. If you don’t have room a small outdoor cabinet is great for storing all your items (napkins, liquor, coasters, matches, dinnerware, silverware, and a few serving dishes).

August 05, 2015