Table decorating can be tricky. It’s a constant battle of making sure your table looks presentable without having it feel overcrowded.

You want to make sure grandma can see Aunt Helen across the table and ensuring there’s enough room for the potatoes, turkey, gravy, and all the other pounds of food you’re serving this holiday season.

Roughing It In Style is here to help! We have 5 no-fail ways to decorate your table so you’re spending more time enjoying your Thanksgiving Day rather than stressing about making enough room for the food, drinks, and decor.

1. Stick to 2-3 colors for your Thanksgiving Day theme.

By sticking to 2-3 colors it allows you to focus on items that will work and won’t. Don’t be afraid to use different tones within your color scheme, but try to focus on that 2-3 range. This way when you’re out shopping and you see something you just HAVE to have all you need to do is ask yourself, is it within my 2-3 colors? If it’s not, walk away (even if that decorative pumpkin is to die for)!


2. Use various shapes & sizes to create more visual interest.

If you’re someone that likes things more symmetrical and have a hard time with a more “eclectic” look, try using different heights of candle holders. Then, fill the rest of your decor around your candle holders and you’ll create something that’s balanced and yet looks effortless at the same time.

3. Use candles to create an intimate & relaxed setting.

Do the holidays have you stressed? Well lighting a candle is proven to reduce anxiety and stress. Strong scented candles are known to increase the effectiveness of anxiety reduction. Make sure to use scented candles that are appealing to you and your senses. Popular scents are rose, mandarin, peppermint, sage, lemon balm, and lavender (just don’t mix these all at once, it may be scent overload).

Plus, who doesn’t look good around candlelight?

4. Intermingle your decor with your dinnerware.

By letting your decor intermingle with your dinnerware allows your guests to feel like they can move that one leaf to make room for their wine glass. There’s nothing worse than having a beautifully decorated table that no one can enjoy. Don’t make things feel too stiff and up-tight at the dinner table. Angle your place-mats instead of having them straight across, make the runner go side-ways instead of directly along the middle. Think outside the box to create a table setting that creates interest and conversation at the table.

5. Have fun!

At the end of the day the holidays are about getting together with those that you love and taking time to appreciate the simple things in life. So what if the napkin rings don’t match. Sit back, relax, and try to enjoy yourself. It isn’t fun for anyone to see a host who is too stressed and not enjoying themselves at their own party. So grab a glass of wine (or two) and relax, you deserve it!

November 06, 2016