There are homes that are purchased or built then designed right away.  Every space is decorated, artwork is hung, and furniture is placed.  (Of course, we absolutely love those type of projects, but that’s just one way to decorate.) This lakeside cottage’s interior design path would fall in the “less traveled” category but, as you’ll see, this has made all the difference.

The wonderful couple that owns the home has been coming into our northern Wisconsin store for years. They were very upfront with their plans for their cottage from the start. They didn’t want to just get their place filled and finished. They already had workable furniture, so there was no rush. They were going to take their time and make sure that each and every piece that they chose was special, something that spoke to them, and really truly fit.

Sometimes they would come in with a space in mind to fill, and if something didn’t call to them, they would wait for new one-of-a-kinds or the next round of buying to arrive.  A more curated approach to decorating takes a decerning eye and plenty of patience, but as you can see from the pictures, this has paid off.

They also happen to be one of our first Reclaimed Barnwood Kitchen customers!  It’s still one of our favorite kitchen designs.  They really utilized space to maximize storage and kitchen functionality.

It’s apparent the amount of thought and care that they’ve put into the home’s design and things they’ve chosen.      

The best part is they’re not done yet! There were a few spots that they couldn’t find the right things for, so they just recently had us create a couple pieces of custom furniture.

This home is truly a work of art in progress!

April 13, 2017