Centerpieces are something that can really set the tone for your space. Whether your throwing a dinner party, holiday gathering, or simply want to add a touch of decorative art to your table, they are a great way to evoke your personality.

We’ll demonstrate some ways to take what you already have, but add a different twist. Or maybe you just need a staple accessories like a hair-on-hide runner to do the trick? So read on to get your tips and more! 

The Layered look

Instead of placing your runner the traditional way across the table, try going for a layered look. Place out different size place-mats, runners, or other fabric/textures for a more dynamic look. Our hair-on-hides are a great way to add a touch of uniqueness.

Sculptural Bowls

Use a free form teak bowl or our signature dough bowl that you can change out seasonally. The free form bowls give a more sculptural look and feel that you can either fill or not. Our dough bowls are great because you can put in ornaments and pine cones with some greenery during the holidays or Easter eggs during spring.

Mix and Match

Mix and match items like florals, trays, books, bookends, and candle holders to give a more eclectic look to your table. Use things you’ve been collecting that can act as great conversational starters.

Old Turned New

Do you have an extension table, but not using the extra leaf? Use it as a centerpiece that gives some height to your table and showcase some smaller objects that can give a big punch with some added height. Place a runner or some fabric around it to camouflage the piece. Re-use a vase and some candle holders to add some more punch and tah-dah, you have yourself a beautiful table!

Traditional with a Twist

There’s nothing wrong with using the traditional runner and identical candle holder look, but maybe you add a bit of twist by incorporating a sculptural bowl in the middle that really stands out. Our bear bowls do just the trick! They are incredibly ornate and can stand in as a great bowl for fruit, pinecones, or other decorative objects.

April 20, 2015