Spas are amazing… there’s no denying that. But imagine bringing that same feel, smell, and look into your own bathroom. (Ahhh… I can just feel the stress melting away already). We’ve come up with some solutions and quick fixes to give your bathroom a face-lift when it comes to relaxing and unwinding.

Breathe Your Way into Relaxation

The first thing that you experience in any spa are the aromas. Make sure to have relaxing oils and Epsom salts that smell of eucalyptus or lavender. The important thing to remember that by breathing in something you like you tend to breathe slower and deeper. This in turn lowers your heart rate and blood pressure, which gives you relaxation.

Soften Your Lighting

Soft lighting. You want to be sure you have the right light in your bathroom for putting your make-up on, but also to calm and relax you. If you don’t have an adjustable switch lights candles are a great way to give soft lighting that can smell amazing too!

Nature is Best 

While your pampering yourself put on some calming music. It might be nature sounds, jazz, or maybe just the quiet sound of your breath is all you need. It’s important to find what works for you and stick to it.

Wrap Yourself in Comfort

Most people find towels to be just fine, well why not upgrade to a large plush robe. While your lathering on your lotion or essentials oils you can be wrapped in a cozy plush robe.

Stay Calm and Organized

If you do have the luxury of a tub, a bath tray is essential. Have it lay across the sides of the tub with all your handy items right at your finger tips. If you don’t have a tub a small side table can do just the trick.

Lemon a Day Keeps the Stress Away

A glass of lemon water or cucumber can be so refreshing and cleansing while you're relaxing. Put it a fancy wine glass to give yourself the extra special touch you deserve.

Smell the Roses

Put out fresh flowers next to your tub or on your vanity. There’s nothing like the look and smell of fresh flowers to brighten your spirits.

A Spritz of Freshness

Linen sprays are a great way to create some clam and relaxation on your favorite plush towels. Each time you use them you’ll be smiling because of the uplifting mood they can bring.

April 20, 2015