Sometimes you’re ready for a kitchen update, but you’re not necessarily ready to commit the time and energy to completely renovating the space. If this sounds like you, then there are a lot of simpler different ways to breathe new life into your kitchen.

Roughing It In Style can help you get the perfect barnwood kitchen cabinets for your home in Northern Colorado, which will definitely enhance your home’s rustic aesthetic.

New Hardware

How is your kitchen hardware looking? If it’s out of date or if you have a few knobs or handles loose, then a simple update can go a long way. You can go as modern or as rustic as you want in your kitchen, and hardware can help in that. At Roughing It In Style, we love a good rustic kitchen — why not go for an iron, flat arrowhead handle or twig handle? Both will look great in cabin decor.

Paint An Accent Wall

A little paint can go a long way! Whether you choose a deep red for a bold pop of color or you opt for a more subtle deep brown — or any other color that matches your western decor — a painted wall can really make a difference. Every time you walk into your kitchen you’ll feel like you’ve entered a totally new room.

Install New Lighting

If your kitchen is feeling old and dark, why not incorporate new, fresh lighting or lighting fixtures? Pendant lighting offers bright lights and fun style decisions. Choose your favorite aspects about rustic decor, and go from there! Roughing It In Style even has some pendant lighting options. Don’t forget to be bold and match your personal western style! Just because a chandelier isn’t always in the kitchen doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be in yours.

Once you update your kitchen’s lighting, you really will see the space in a whole new light.

Add A Backsplash

Tired of looking at your tired backsplash? Give it a quick update. Find some tile that you like and go to town. Don’t be afraid of bold colors, but make sure to balance them out with some neutral tones. You could even incorporate a southwestern design into the backsplash to really add some dimension and character to your kitchen.

Get New Kitchen Cabinets

Many people are often shocked by the amount of difference a change of cabinetry can make in the kitchen. Think about it though: the majority of surface you see when you walk into your kitchen is from the cabinets. If your cabinets are too dark, too light, or simply too old, a simple update will make a huge difference.

At Roughing It In Style, we can set you up with distressed kitchen cabinets from reclaimed wood. Each cabinet will be unique and have its own personality — all while adding more personality to your kitchen. You deserve to feel like a chef in your own beautiful kitchen, and new barnwood cabinets will certainly help you get there.

Replace The Countertop

How long has it been since you really looked at your kitchen countertops? Are they faded? Peeling? You just don’t like them anymore? Just like your kitchen cabinets, your countertop brings a lot of color and life into your kitchen, and a change in your countertop can revitalize the space.

Whether you’re thinking of a marble, granite, wood, or stainless steel countertop — or another variety altogether — incorporating a new one into your rustic kitchen will help you enjoy the space more and increase your property value.

New Accessories

Your kitchen wants some new bling once in a while, too. This may seem like a simple fix, but it can make a difference — especially if you implement some of the other ideas from this list as well. A new wine bottle holder can add some fun personality to your kitchen, some new placemats and runners can help bring in the western decor you love, or updated artwork on the walls can all give a quick and easy makeover to your kitchen.

At Roughing It In Style, we’re eager to help you update the style of your kitchen. Whether you’re interested in our rustic kitchen cabinets, another idea from this list, or something else entirely, let us help you. We’d love to make your cabin decor in Estes Park, Fort Collins, Cheyenne, or elsewhere really shine and make you feel at home.

May 14, 2018