So often when it comes to design, people are afraid to mix up their patterns! Think of your favorite rustic cabin in the woods, though: it’s cozy, has rich, varied textures, reclaimed wood furniture, and, best of all, lots of bright patterns mixed together. Even better? It all works together and adds to the cozy vibes. In our blog today we’re going to delve into how to combine, mix, and vary patterns in your home effectively so that it’s inviting and fun without being overwhelming.

When it comes to rustic home furniture and accessories, Roughing It In Style has you covered. We have southwestern throw blankets and bedding and other pieces full of pattern and color that will have you looking for ways to incorporate patterns throughout your entire home. And hey — that’s fine with us.

Find A Pattern You Love

What better place to start than with a pattern you already love? This will represent your style and give a glimpse into your personality. When you’re looking for other patterns afterward, it’ll be more fun because you’ve started with a fabric that you love so much. If this is the pattern for your southwestern bedding or a bold fabric for your southwestern sofa, it’ll be a statement piece that you can enjoy every day.

Analyze Your First Choice

So much will be based off of the pattern and fabric you initially choose. No pressure though! As long as you love that first fabric, everything else will come together. By looking at its colors, style, and scale, you can choose multiples patterns that will work together while not being overwhelming.

  • Look at the color. Look at the colors in it, and pick out three colors you want to focus on in other fabrics and room decor. Typically, you’ll want two colors and a neutral. This will bring in the fun energy you want while also keeping it grounded. Whites, ivories, browns, grays, and blacks all make excellent neutrals. Choose which colors and neutral you want to pursue in your next fabrics and patterns, and the rest should come together easily!

  • Look at the style. Now look at the style of the pattern on your first choice. Is it a geometric or an organic pattern? If you chose a southwestern print like a lot of ours, it’s most likely geometric. Organic patterns will be floral or otherwise inspired by nature. There’s a lot of movement to these patterns, and it can sometimes be hard to see where the pattern begins or ends. Geometric patterns, on the other hand, show contrast and have a definitive pattern. They can be simple or more intricate. Whichever of the two your first choice was, you’ll want to choose the other for your second fabric.

  • Look at the scale. Last, you’ll want to consider the scale of your initial fabric choice. Is the fabric large scale but going on a tiny throw pillow? See if you can find it for your curtains or another large item instead. Large scale prints and patterns typically look best on larger pieces. Small scale prints and patterns typically look best on smaller pieces. Easy to remember, right? If your first two fabrics are small scale, go for a larger one for your third or vice versa. And it doesn’t just have to be large and small scale; if you have two small scale patterns, don’t feel the need to overwhelm it with a large scale pattern. Opt for a medium scale pattern instead.

Make A Statement

Find some small- and medium-sized statement pieces and accessories to match, and you’ll really bring the whole look together. A fun mirror can have a lot of texture or pattern, and artwork can reemphasize the color or pattern you like in a creative way. Some rustic bedroom accessories should never go overlooked when trying to give new depth to a space through patterns. A simple pillow with a statement applique, animal, or recognizable shape on it can cool down the patterns while still maintaining the room’s fun energy.

Don’t Be Afraid To Break A Rule

Life isn’t too fun without breaking rules here or there, and the same applies to home decor. If it matches your style and looks good to you, then that’s what matters. Have fun with it and have those large scale prints if you want to. And no one says you can only have three patterns. You have to know the rules to break them effectively, right?

Patterns and colors add so much personality to a place, making it intriguing and cozy. For rustic home furniture in the Northern Colorado and Wyoming areas, you can’t beat the cozy, southwestern look our reclaimed wood furniture and accessories will give you.

April 24, 2018