There are hundreds of different materials that can be used when trying to create the perfect interior design — fur, leather, wood, silk, brick, stone, and the list goes on. Many of these materials can be found in a majority of homes, but there are others that might take some searching to find in your neighborhood homes.

One such material, leather, may not often be found because it can be tricky to incorporate into your design and it can cost a bit more than other options. But if you’re looking for rustic home furniture for a unique look in your house, it’s time to give leather a chance!

Here are some reasons why, from your trusted interior designers at Roughing It In Style.

Versatile and Flexible

Don’t get caught thinking that leather is only used for couches and recliners and will only have the same brown color. Real and faux leather furniture pieces can be designed with a variety of forms, shapes, and colors that can be easily incorporated into your home, whatever design theme you are trying to achieve. Rustic home furniture to modern and trendy designs can be given a fresh new look with leather. Think outside of the box as well, leather doesn’t have to be just for couches. Think finishing your countertops with leather, the top of a coffee table, or even an accent wall.

Minimal Maintenance

Some may think that leather can be a pain to maintain the quality and appearance, but if you have a busy home, it may be just the material for your family. If you spill a glass of wine on a couch made of vinyl, microfiber, cotton, or polyester, the cleaning process can require special chemicals and definitely some elbow grease to remove the stain. With leather, if the spill is caught quickly, it simply requires a clean cloth to pick up the liquid. Leather may need a good oil conditioner in certain climates, but this once-a-year task is worth it when you find that perfect rustic home furniture piece.


Have you noticed that your couch has faded in the sunlight over the years? When exposed to sun, heat, and years of wear, common couch materials have a hard time standing up to these elements. Leather, on the other hand, can actually improve as time goes on. The leather can develop a certain character, it can become softer and more comfortable, and smoother. So even though leather might have a higher price tag in the beginning, the durability of the material will make it a wise investment.



Decor styles come and go, but leather has been around for ages and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. Rustic home furniture made with leather was fashionable 50 years ago, it is fashionable today, and will be in the future because it can easily be matched with several other design elements. For a look of luxury in your home and a timeless design, leather is a great choice.

Choose the Right Leather

When shopping for rustic home furniture with leather, ask what grade of leather it is:

  • Full grain: The toughest and most durable, this type of leather has natural imperfections and doesn’t need any work done to improve it.
  • Top grain: This type has any scratches removed by sanding away the very top layer of the leather. This is a popular choice and is less expensive.
  • Corrected grain: This type is typically manufactured from hides that have scratches and scars. To remove these, the surface needs to be buffed and pigmented.

Even though it may seem like a challenging material to work with on the surface, using leather in your home has several benefits. If you want rustic home furniture that will give your home a lush feel, contact an interior designer at Roughing It In Style today.

November 10, 2017