The number of things necessary to do when planning for a holiday gathering at your home can be staggering.  There are meals to prep, decorations to put up, and accommodations to organize. One thing stands strong amidst all the chaos, the trusty dining table. This faithful holiday companion will be your anchor, your true North, the place to turn back to when all seems lost.

It just has to be the right kind of table.

There are about a million articles on how to properly decorate and set a holiday table. Pinterest, Houzz, and Instagram are full of amazing spreads. This is not about what to do on top of the table but about finding the right kind of table to begin with.  


Unless you live in one of those sweet motorhomes I’m pretty sure your dining room can’t expand at the push of a button, that’s where having the right sized dining room table comes in handy. You want to fill your space sufficiently while leaving plenty of space to move in and around the table.

If possible leave at least 36” between your table and other furniture or the wall. This allows plenty of room to slide chairs in and out with plenty of walk space behind guests that are already seated.  

Extension Tables

Extension tables were invented for the holidays. You can leave your table at a comfortable size if it’s just you and your immediate family. Then, when the whole clan arrives, pop a couple leaves in and you’re set to go! You also get to gather all the random office and folding chairs that are normally hidden away and bring them out to maximize seating and really create that eclectic look!


Finding a table that’s perfect for your home can go in two directions.  You can find a table set with a style that fits in with the rest of your décor seamlessly. It would match well and complement the rest of your furnishings. You could also showcase a table that really makes a statement, a set that draws the eye as the focal point of the room.  

We offer some incredible statement dining sets at Roughing It In Style. We have tables that feature natural “live edge” slab cut tops, tables made from reclaimed barn wood, and even a table with veins of turquoise inlaid (Quite the WOW factor!).  

You don’t want to have a table that sticks out and doesn’t belong. Now, we’re not saying that your shining chrome spaceship table looks out of place in your rustic cottage (maybe a little). We’re just saying that you’ll want keep style in mind when you’re deciding what table to purchase.

If finding the perfect table seems a little daunting, our designers at our Fort Collins showroom can help! We have a vast array of furniture lines to choose from.  We can even create custom tables to your exact specifications. Stop by and see us today!

This article was first published in the Timnath Neighbors Magazine, December 2017 publication.

December 15, 2017