There’s no doubt that you’ve been waiting all summer long to break out your pumpkins, string of leaves, and all of the home decor that has any hint of red, orange, or yellow.

This time of year is meant for decorating your home with woodsy items, warm smells, and deep colors. The important thing is to not make your living room, kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms look like the inside of a home decor store. There should be a balance that says, yes this is the autumn season, but you’re not trying to win an autumn decor award.

Read some tips on how to add just the right amount of fall to your home using rustic home furniture and beautiful, but simple accent pieces and accessories.

The Dining Room

With so many fall foods that your family will warm up with during the season, the dining room is a great place to start. You can choose to go in several directions, formal or informal, simple or sophisticated, or even rural or urban. Even easy additions can make a big impact, like a table runner that has fall colors in it or a bowl of apples in the center of the table. You can add some rustic home furniture accents, like bowls or a decorative shelf on the wall that you can add mini pumpkins or squash to. Certain, smaller items can always be switched out to give the room a constantly changing look.

Front Porch

Take a drive through your neighborhood and you’ll see porch steps with pumpkins, baskets of leaves, and corn stalk men.

The porch is a wonderful way to show off your design style and invite the outdoors into your home with rustic home furniture chairs, side tables, and other accessories. If you have railings, incorporate leaf garlands, bright colored ribbon, or fill a basket with cozy and fall colored blankets. Shed some light on the porch with rustic lanterns.

If you have a large porch, it can be tempting to overflow the space with autumn colors, so try to avoid going overboard.


If you have a fireplace in your home, it is, of course, a fantastic area to spice up with fall colors and give your living room a focal point that will make everyone want to cozy up to. This small piece of rustic home furniture is the perfect container to add firewood to so you can easily start a fire on those colder nights.

Don’t forget about the mantel either, scatter loose leaves, pine cones, or anything you find outside that will give the space a warm look.

Fall Smells

Nothing says fall like the smell of chai, nutmeg, cinnamon, or cloves. When you want to give your home some fall, but want to take it easy with the decor, you can bring in some smells. Don’t worry about spending hours cooking in the kitchen either, use candles, incense, or boil some cinnamon sticks or whole cloves.


Though it may not be a space as important as the living or dining room, the bathroom is still a great area to add some small fall accents to. Add some candles to the sink counter, a container to add some loose twigs to, or a mirror with fall colors or themes. You can keep it simple in the bathroom, but a few small touches will make a big difference.


When guests visit or members of your family come home, give them a warm and colorful welcome. Add some decorative features to the wall where you can accessorize with leaves or miniature pumpkins or place some rustic home furniture for them to sit while they take off their shoes. Both of these items can be used throughout the year by switching out various accessories like pillows. If there is a hallway, it’s a great place to add fall themed art.

Our Rustic Home Furniture

You can easily add some beautiful autumn accents to your home with these simple tips and you will quickly fall into the spirit of the season.

At Roughing It In Style, this time of year is one of our favorites because it brings in beautiful, natural colors and adds a cozy and warm feeling to any space.

October 07, 2017