Antique Cobblers Coffee Table

Made in USA


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Product Details

Presenting a remarkable relic from the past—an Antique Cobbler's Bench. Hand-finished to perfection, this one-of-a-kind piece radiates rich character and tangible history that only a genuine antique can offer. With its distinctive shape, it stands as a testament to the old-world craftsmanship that embraces uniqueness and individuality.

The Cobbler's Bench does more than just tell a tale of time; it redefines versatility. Whether used as an unconventional coffee table that sparks conversations or as a unique entryway piece greeting your guests, it imbues any space with an irresistible aura of intrigue and charm. Experience the allure of the past intertwined with present functionality with this timeless True Antique Cobbler's Bench.

Dimensions: 55.5" (W) x 26" (D) x 20" (H)