Full Moon Suppers at Salt Water Farm Book

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Full Moon Suppers at Salt Water Farm is a menu-driven seasonal cookbook that offers twelve beautifully crafted meals derived from over one hundred, sold-out evening events at Salt Water Farm, the author's cooking school in Maine. Even if you can't make it to the table for one of the monthly Full Moon Supers, you can recreate them at home, beneath a full moon--or any night you'd prefer--for family and friends.  

Full Moon Suppers invites you to a series of magical, seasonal suppers where dear friends gather around a farm table to celebrate the bounty that the land and sea provide. Each Full Moon Supper in the cookbook is scaled to feed eight to ten guests. Each chapter opens with a portrait of the month: its climate, the perennial responsibilities it brings, its rewards, and its requisite, ritual kitchen tasks.

A Full Moon Supper is not only a celebration of the earth and its bounty, but a reward for the hard work that goes into food production. Each supper pays respect to the elements, the conditions of the earth, soil, and sea, and seasonal traditions as we round the lunar cycle.